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About Me

I'm a person who believes in always learning, helping others and giving without expectations.   

Certified Wedding Planner and Event Manager


In Event Planning/ Management, I have produced various Dance showcase productions and Managed Fashion shows, dance showcases, Parties, Anniversaries ,Weddings, Business Meetings and Corporate events.   I have organized and managed Community events, Health Fairs, Fashion shows, Recitals and Block parties

In Dance, I have been in the forefront of the mambo industry for more than two decades; have had the pleasure to perform amongst, with and for the best performers and Artists in the Latin Industry.  I have been interviewed and appeared on radio, television, documentaries, magazine, and newspaper articles. 

I've also had the honor to represent New York at the ESPN World Salsa championships, in 2007 and 2009 and in May of 2008, received the Highest Honor is the Mambo community, "Female Dancer of the Year" award from Albert Torres, the world renowned promoter of Latin dance and Music at the West Coast Salsa Congress in Los Angeles, CA.

Amongst other recognitions also stands a Merit Citation by the Advocate for the City of New York.

I have taught workshops, lectured and produced showcases in the USA and other countries for Latin/Mambo events, corporate, private, and educational institutions.  

In Fashion/ Design I work with a team of Various Designers, both Fashion and Graphic; and together we have accomplished great results in Casual, Professional, Elegant & Sports Apparel.  We make custom, personal wear for individuals, leagues, teams, reunions and business promotions.  I have also designed performance costumes and served as a personal fashionista, and fashion shows Stage and program manager.  The network of Make up artists and hair stylist I have ensure that every customer is satisfied. 

In Catering/ Event Design & Decor, I have a team of amazing cooks who have a unique love and a gift for cooking; together we also created a concept we call "JP's Kitchen Twist"; where the main cook "JP" puts his own touch on new creations and on traditional recipes making them unique to his love for cooking and delighting everyone who tries them.  JP has also created a line of Sauces and Dressings that pair up with just about any food and add a unique blend of flavor to every bite.  

For personal events, I have personal cooks who enjoy the traditional dishes  like alcapurrias, pastelillos, pasteles, Flan, Pernil & More!  Unique to Silera Designs I have created a special blend of Aged Rum Coquito that delights all my repeat customers every holiday season as well as new ones who try it.


For Larger e vents, the network of restaurants , caterers & Bakers that adapt to all occasions put the flavor, taste and elegance of great food on every table. 

In Business, I have managed various types of businesses, conducted SWOT analysis and created strategies and plans to start, improve and maintain the business. I have experience in all aspects in management, as well as staffing, training, payroll, and more.

In Addition, as a Paralegal, I have developed great skills in writing and drafting contracts, and agreements; I also use my Spanish knowledge to translate documents or serve as a translator companion; with connections to attorneys in all branches in law, I can either assist or refer you to one of the best in the industry.  

Overall, I have connections to just about any industry and profession, "Accounting, Hair, Nails, Makeup Artists, Flooring, DJ's, Wedding Planners, Therapists, Mc's, Web developers, Designers, You name it, I probably have it!  Don't hesitate to send a message and see how I can assist you with your next need or project. 

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Text - 718-704-9443

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